9 (Mostly Free) Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website


Have you heard of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines? If you haven’t checked out the free online source, I suggest you do! In a survey of webmasters, 28% of webmasters had never heard of the guidelines, and 46% had heard of them, but didn’t read them or have only partially read them. The first way to bring traffic to your website is knowing where and how your website ranks in search engines.

Here are other ideas that will help you increase traffic to your website:

Social Buttons

Adding social networking buttons to your emails and digital marketing materials can help create traffic increases. Simply asking a client to like your Facebook page can have the same effect.

Publish Content Regularly

Creating a blog and writing original content frequently about your expertise can inform your readers. In addition, if your content is interesting and adds value to the internet, readers will keep coming back to your website for more!

Use Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click is not free, but the return on investment can be huge. Pay-per-click can also be beneficial for smaller budgets. Some popular pay-per-click options include Google AdWords and Yahoo! Bing Network.

Practice SEO

Search Engine Optimization practices include using descriptive titles for your content and adding accurate tags to describe your posts. Click here for some excellent sources to help you learn SEO.

Start a Newsletter

Starting a newsletter or mailing list is a great way to start circulating the content you want your prospects to read. Using catchy subject titles will get your audience to click on your link and might also draw them back to your website. In addition, a monthly or quarterly newsletter is a great way to keep clients in the loop if you don’t particularly like sending out a ton of emails.

Participate in Online Communities

Seeking out online communities that are looking for help pertaining to your expertise can increase your online traffic. Make sure to share valuable content on online forums, and include your website’s link in your profile or footer of your account.

Use (Free) Press Release Services

Free press never hurts, right? Some free press release services include PrLog.org, Newsvine.com, and PitchEngine.com. In addition, premium press release websites allow you to post your content for a small fee.

Use Social Media Advertising

If it is in your budget to pay for some advertising, try advertising on social media. You can promote your posts or your business page on Facebook. Twitter and Instagram also allow you to advertise. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always share your content and website organically to all of your social media friends for free as well!

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