What Has the Biggest Influence on Purchasing Decisions?

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Have you ever wondered what inspires somebody to buy an item? What forms of marketing are most effective at capturing an audiences attention and returning profit?

According to a survey from Gartner, the most influential marketing activity is direct interaction, or face-to-face interaction, with the buyer. Not surprising, right?



However, in the world of online shopping, face-to-face interactions with the buyer are nearly impossible. Instead of a person, most people start online purchases utilizing a Google search, doing their research and comparing their different options. In fact, 71% of business purchase decisions in the United States begin with research conducted through an online search engine.

So, what exactly influences online purchasing decisions?

An individual’s purchasing decisions are vast and dependent on the product. However, there are some common tactics that people rely on to decide on purchasing a product or service in an online environment.

Here are a few things customers depend on when shopping with an online business:

Customer reviews matter

As the survey above shows, references have a large impact on purchasing decisions. The best references come from referrals and/or product reviews.

A study by The Nielsen Company confirms that people base their decisions from other’s opinions and reviews of a product or service.

Encourage people to write reviews about your online business on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms.

A positive first impression is important

Customers love a product or service that make a good first impression.

People respond well to things that are easy to understand and operate. It’s important to make your offer valuable and easy to understand. If a customer has a positive first buying experience, they are likely to come back for more! One of the best ways to do this is make your online website easy to read and navigate.

One of the most effective online selling tools is iBoomerang’s Web Conference System. It is the fastest system out there and the best way to connect with your prospects online, leaving a great first impression on your clients.

Customers want 24/7 availability

Customers expect immediate responses about products, especially when online shopping. According to The Social Media Examiner, two-thirds of consumers expect a brand to respond within one day after they contact it. As an online sales person, you should be reaching out and answering your customers emails, Facebook posts, and phone calls as quickly as possible.



Can you think of other influences online sales people must focus on when selling to a customer? Leave your ideas in the comment box below!


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