Visual Marketing and Canva

Tell your brand’s story through visual marketing on social media

canva logoI’ve talked before about the importance of visual imagery in your marketing efforts. There’s actually a term for it – visual marketing. This is the idea of using graphics to tell the story of your brand on social media. The method became the standard for content marketers everywhere after Pinterest and Instagram because so popular.

The problem with visual marketing is that most people do not have the finances or expertise to use great photo-editing software programs like Adobe Photoshop. One alternative is Canva, which is a fast, free, and easy graphic tool that is accessible to everyone. You can easily create designs for web or print, including graphics for presentations, social networks, posters and more!

Here are ten ways you can use Canva to improve your visual marketing:

  1. Create a Shareable Image for your Blogs
    People like sharing interesting graphics that they find across the web. If they come to your blog and can’t share your images easily, they won’t. Use Canva’s remixable templates to create your own interesting blog post images.canva remixable templates
  2. Create Rich Media
    Rich media is a digital advertising term for an ad that uses advanced technology to interact with users. A couple examples are an ad that includes a sample scene from a movie or a banner ad that serves as a contact request form. Rich media can be embedded in many types of graphics including Pinterest pins, Facebook posts and SlideShares.
  3. Add Your Logo
    Canva makes it easy to brand your content to help grow and build your audience.
  4. Custom Pinterest Layouts
    Canva offers plenty of Pinterest templates that allow you to remix and add your own creative touch. Once you get the hang of things, you can create your own Pinterest layouts from a blank canvas.canva pinterest template example
  5. Set a Color Palette
    The best brands use a specific color palette to visually cue readers to where the graphic is from. Think McDonalds, John Deere, or Tiffany & Co. When you read their names, you picture their colors, and vice versa.
  6. Facebook Cover Photos
    Canva offers Facebook cover photos templates that are simple to customize to fit your brand. You can even add text overlays.canva facebook cover example
  7. Share with Your Team
    With Canva, you can easily share your designs with colleagues so they can provide feedback or approval. You can even give them permission to edit the designs.
  8. Filter Photos
    Canva offers ten photo filters that you can customize to help with branding your business. You can even copy the filter code to use on other projects.
  9. Attach Images to Tweets
    It’s simple to create an image using Canva and attach it to a tweet on Twitter.

  10. Keep Photo Size Consistent
    Canva comes with templates for all of the major social networks so you never have to worry if the graphic you’re creating is the correct size.

To get started with Canva, simply go to and set up a new account. They have plenty of video tutorials you can watch to help you get started.

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