Facebook Update: The Alternative to the Dislike Button

Back in September, CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, announced to users that Facebook was working on something similar to a much anticipated ‘dislike button.’ At the time of the announcement, many details about the new dislike button were still being ironed out. Zuckerberg thought that a ‘dislike’ feature could focus on too much negativity, but he promised something better. However, now Facebook has announced exactly what the new feature is.fb

Instead of a ‘dislike’ button, Chief Product Office Chris Cox describes the new feature as a pilot test of reactions—a more expressive ‘like’ button. After studying which reactions and comments are most commonly used and expressed across Facebook, the team worked to design something that was all-inclusive.

The result is a ‘reactions’ feature, which uses a range of emojis as replacements to likes. The first emoji is, of course, ‘like,’ followed by ‘love,’ ‘haha,’ ‘yay,’ ‘wow,’ ‘sad’ and ‘anger’ (pictured above). After exploring the idea of a ‘dislike’ feature and a ‘sympathize’ button, Facebook decided on the emoji reactions to cover all the bases. Each reaction will be displayed alongside the number of ‘likes’ under a person’s post.

Facebook users in Ireland and Spain will be the first to try out the new feature. It is unclear when the rest of Facebook users will be able to test the new feature. This feature is still in the experimental stage, so some additional changes are possible.


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