Online Advertising for Small Businesses [Infographic]

Do you use search engines or social media to advertise your business?

Online advertising has made reaching target audiences accessible to smaller businesses in exchange for a small amount of advertising funds. Instead of spending a large amount of money for a television commercial or an advertisement in print, you can spend a minimal amount of money advertising on websites and social media. However, the world of online advertising is so vast that it can be overwhelming for a small business owner to navigate.

That is why the people from Who Is Hosting This created an infographic guide to help smaller business owners get started with online advertising.

The infographic first covers the basic terms used in the online advertising industry. Next, it covers social media advertising, Google Adwords, targeting, and other advertising networks. This infographic will give you a beginner’s broad lesson about online advertising for your small business.

Check it out here:

sm advertising

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