5 Tips to Better Email Marketing

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Are you email marketing regularly? Do you track how many subscribers you have or who actually opens your emails?

According to research, email marketing is one of the best marketing techniques, even said to be more effective than social media marketing. Getting started with email marketing, such as creating lists and solid email designs, takes time and persistence, but the payoff is totally worth it.

Check out these tasks for you to do to improve on your email marketing.

  1. Tidy-up your emailing list

Navigate through the marketing emails you have sent in the last six months. Keep track of those who have opened the email. If a person has not opened an email of yours in six months, delete or unsubscribe that person from your list.

  1. Create a content calendar

If you want to build a loyal subscriber list, consistency is important. Knowing what emails you are going to send and what topics you are going to cover in advance will help you stay on a solid marketing schedule and keep your subscribers in a constant loop. Develop a regular calendar to help you form a stream of emailing content and topics.

  1. Design a catchy welcome email

A welcome email is the best way to ‘wow’ new subscribers and leave a great first impression. Don’t disappoint your subscribers by sending a generic welcome email. Show them you’re interested in helping them solve their problems and even ask them a question. Always make your first communication with a subscriber memorable.

  1. Use iBoomerang Email Marketing+!

This is the easiest and quickest way to send an email marketing campaign to your email lists. With pre-made templates already available at your fingertips, sending just one email or a series of mass emails to your subscribers while reinforcing your brand is just a couple clicks away.

  1. Give an incentive to subscribe

Is your emailing list running a little thin? The fastest way to grow your email list is by offering potential subscribers something in turn for their email address. This is where you can get creative and offer your potential subscribers/clients something they can’t turn down.


Are you using iBoomerang Email Marketing+? Start today!

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