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As predicted, online videos being circulated via social media as well as content marketing completely dominated the marketing scene in 2015.

What is to come for 2016?

Forbes laid out some predictions for online marketing trends to watch out for in 2016:

  1. Mobile Takeover

2015 marks a big year for mobile—Google announced that mobile traffic dominated over desktop traffic in 10 different countries. This means that optimizing your website and marketing tactics for mobile devices is more important than ever. You don’t even have to have an optimized desktop website in addition to a mobile website, because Google recognizes mobile-only websites.

  1. Camouflaged Advertisements 

Consumers are sick of seeing blatant advertisements on every website they navigate on the web, hence ad-blockers. The truth is that if advertising isn’t relevant to a particular consumer, then it is annoying.  Good marketers and brands know that getting noticed might be a matter of blending in with, rather than interrupting, the internet browsing experience. In 2016, look for marketers that try to blend in with Facebook newsfeeds, Instagram feeds, and content pages (such as blogs).

  1. Social Media as a Marketing Channel, Not a Marketing Strategy

Some marketers don’t realize that social media marketing doesn’t work as its own personal “strategy,” but rather as a channel of a greater marketing strategy. Collective marketing realizes that social media is one platform of many. Social media marketing is a tactic that does an excellent job of supporting broad campaigns, but isn’t successful alone. Look for (and try out!) greater encompassing marketing strategies in 2016.

  1. Social Searching & Buying

Facebook has been developing its own search engine that is expected to go beyond the search capabilities of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One advantage that will come with stronger search сараbіlіtіеѕ in the ѕосіаl media world іѕ thаt brands will get better visibility. Not only that, but “buy” buttons are expected to start showing up on brand’s social media pages in 2016, allowing for better product visibility. Users will be able to make purchases, share what they bought with their friends, and post it to their social media profile for everybody to see.


What do you predict will take over the marketing world in 2016? Leave a comment below.


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