4 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation

How often do you check the online reviews about your business? After all, a survey by Marketing Land suggests that 90% of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

If you are receiving online reviews, are you monitoring and acknowledging them? Reviews can make or break your online reputation, so here are some of the most important steps you should take to manage your own online business reputation and online reviews.

  1. It is all about Facebook

If you do not have a Facebook business page, sign up for one right now. Facebook currently has 1.55 billion active users. No matter who your target audience is, they probably have Facebook. Not to mention, it is a free platform to push content and promote your business. You can publish your own blog entries, post photos about your business, run promotions, and do it all on one platform. What’s not to love?

In addition, people can review your business on Facebook with a 1-5 star rating system and leave comments about your business.


  1. Request reviews

It is hard to carry a healthy online reputation if you barely even exist on the internet. First, be sure to build a following. The best place to do this is social media. The more followers/customers/prospects you have, the more your business will get noticed online. Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to gain new customers and a following online. If you know a former customer is pleasant with their experience, don’t feel shy to ask for a Facebook review—and send them a link to your Facebook page along with that. Odds are, you will start gaining Facebook likes for your business and even some good online reviews.


  1. Respond as much as possible

When dealing with your online reputation, customers want to feel engaged and feel a sense of quality customer service—just as if they were dealing with your business in person. If people comment or engage with your social media posts, try to engage back. If they ask a question, be sure to reply in a timely manner. Most importantly, if they leave a review, be sure to engage with them in a publicly visible conversation on your Facebook page.


  1. Especially to bad reviews

If somebody leaves a negative review about your business, address the situation politely and respectfully. Make sure to respond so that other people visiting your page can see how you reacted to an unhappy customer. If the matter seems personal, you can always comment and ask the recipient to contact you via email or phone for a more in-depth solution. Your main goal is to show the audience of your Facebook page that you engage with your customers and take their suggestions and reviews to heart.

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