7 Guidelines To Proper Text Message Marketing

text message marketing


The fastest and most instantaneous way to reach a customer or client nowadays is with text message marketing. People are more likely to check their email via a mobile device, are always keeping in touch on mobile, and even online shopping through mobile. Everything is going mobile, even marketing.

Instead of marketing via email, the quickest way to get a message is through text messaging.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that you are text message marketing properly—

  1. Permission. The first and most important rule is making sure that your business has permission from customers to contact them via text message. Failing to ensure this can damage your brand and even result in legal fees. Be sure to use an opt-in, opt-out program, where your customer has to opt-in to receive text messages from you.
  2. Expectations. You should be clear about giving your text message subscribers a heads-up on what they can expect from your texts. It may only need to be a sentence, but be sure to be clear what you will be using the texts for (coupons, promotions, etc…).
  3. Frequency. Don’t send texts all the time. Two to four texts per month is ideal, and make sure your customers know how often you will be sending the text messages in your first text out to them. If you send too many text messages, you can annoy your customers and you may find them opting out of your text messaging service.
  4. Exit. As well as providing an opt-in from customers, you should also offer your customers an exit strategy. This is most frequently seen as the “Txt ‘STOP’ to cancel” at the end of text messages you might see from companies.
  5. Timing. Always send out your text messages during normal hours. You should be courteous to your subscribers. Nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night to a promotional text.
  6. Language. Know the lingo. Use short-hand as often as possible so that your text messages aren’t over-bearing and don’t exceed a character limit. However, also be mindful that too many shortened words can make a text look very unprofessional.
  7. Value. Last but not least, every text should be valuable to your subscribers. Offer your subscribers something worth-while in return, and make sure you’re not sending out the same messages over and over again.


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