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As the internet grew in 2003, a group of online sales professionals were seeking ways to easily connect with and market to potential and current clients. With this idea in mind, the group built strategic marketing tools that allowed them to accomplish their goal. It was out of this group of sales professionals that iBoomerang was born.

iBoomerang’s tools continue to allow sales professionals across the country market and advertise their businesses. The tools are efficient and secure, allowing anyone to gather, transform, and present marketing materials to prospects and clients.

Our Products

Email Marketing+

Email Marketing+ from iBoomerang allows you to create and save email templates to reach your potential and current clients by email. Features include an easy-to-use interface, customized templates, drip marketing capabilities, text messaging add-on, and reader reports.

Web Conference Tool

Our web conferencing tool allows you to share presentations, review documents, and demo software with up to 100 people at the same time. You no longer have to spend time driving to your customers’ homes to make a sale! Features include granting control, selecting only a portion of your screen, and recording sessions.

Branded Website

Want a virtual storefront? An iBoomerang Branded Website serves as your online selling space. You can easily update graphics and content.

Contact Management Tool

Keep your contacts organized with the iBoomerang Contact Management Tool. Through the tool, you can schedule meetings and calls, import and export lists, and even integrate with Email Marketing+.

Shortcut Tool

Want a unique URL to target specific groups of people? Our Shortcut URLs are cheap and redirect to the web address of your choice.

Dynamic Calendar

The Dynamic Calendar keeps you on task by automatically populating with training schedules, your personal events, and recurring dates. We also have an Appointment Scheduling add-on that allows your clients to schedule their own appointments, saving you the time you normally spend calling to set up meetings.

Agency in a Box

Starting anew with your company on the internet? Agency in a Box is a great solution for you! You’ll get a company website, back office area, email hosting, customer surveys and more!

More Information

Interested in our products? Visit our Contact Us page to fill out the form or give us a call at (888) 370-3609.